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How to Live Life Without Pain With Gratitude Part 1

The more that you practice gratitude the more deeply you will feel it in your heart, and the depth of the feeling is the key. The more deeply and sincerely you feel it, the more you will bring absolute bliss and happiness on every single subject. Watch what happens in your life when you practice gratitude every single day and in every single moment and in every opportunity that you can.”- Rhonda Byrne

Gratitiude is the way to miracles!Gratitude unlocks all possibilities. It’s the first step to a radical change in your life. It’s the first key to open the doors of all kinds of prosperity, abundance and inner peace. It’s a simple transition process from poverty, sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, depression and stress to prosperity, abundance, wealth, happiness, optimism, inner peace and good health.

By the time, when you practice gratitude, your inner shift in your life will happen. Soon you will find gratitude works for you. You will find that you have joy, happiness, inner peace, hope that you haven’t had before. You will discover that abundance and money are coming to you from unexpected resources. Also, you will find yourself a new person! It's because your perspective on things will be different, you will begin to look on the best side of everything in the world and ignore the worst side. Then, you will focus on the abundance rather than on the lack of things in your life. You will begin to appreciate everything you have and in the world. In fact, by gratitude you will be the most powerful manifestor of your own life. Moreover, you will figure out how you can manage any obstacle encounters you, and obstacles in turn will gradually disappear.

1-Gratitude to success and creativity
Dr. John Gray, a psychiatrist  who sold millions of copies of his book, emphasizes the importance of gratitude in the successful man’s life. In fact, gratitude stimulates for further innovation and success, and provides more support and strength.
And the expert “James Ray” explains this fact by saying: the power of thanks is very great, once I wake up  in the morning I say,” thank God” because I find it is very useful and gives me great energy! Not only this, but I thank God for all small and large things, and this is the secret of my success, I say "thank God" and repeat it repeatedly throughout the day!

2-Gratitude for solving problems
 The researchers in psychology confirm that gratitude has a formidable force in the treatment of problems, because it grants you the ability to cope with the difficulties and solve intractable problems related to the extent gratitude and thanks others for what they offer you. As a matter of fact, negative emotions stand a barrier between you and success, they are like the wall that obscures your true dreams, and makes you fail to perform any successful business.
When you usually practice “thanks” to those who do you a favor, you actually give a boost of energy for your brain to perform more beneficial actions, because the brain is designed to compare and imitate and follow the example of others and who trust them, so gratitude stimulates the ability to attract thanks to you by others, and the easiest way to achieve that is to accomplish useful works for them.

3-Gratitude for healing and happiness
In a recent study shows that gratitude and thanks lead to happiness and reduce depression and increase immunity against diseases!Many scientists studied the effect of gratitude on the brain, the immune system and critical operations in the subconscious, and found that gratitude has a strong effect when someone practice it as it activates the positive energy of the brain which helps more human creativity and achievement of new accomplishment. The number of studies shows that thanks others, practice of gratitude and a sense of constant thanks to God increase the function of the immune system!

Dr. Robert Emmons and the research team at the University of California study the health benefits of gratitude on some students, and they have found gratitude leads them to happiness and stability of the emotional state, mental health and physical best. They found their happiness level increased by 25% and were more optimistic about their lives and future and more enjoyment of life and their immunity against diseases and the level of sleep have better!
The brain of thankful man is more active, and thus we find it optimistic and out of depression, whereas depressed brain is not accustomed to the practice of gratitude! In fact, the feeling of gratitude and practice it release chemicals in the body such as Dopamine and Serotonin and these substances are released during natural happiness, and secretion of stress hormone Cortisol will be reduced .Thus, it leads to protect the heart from heart attacks and cardiovascular disease- according to Dr. Emmons.

-The art of practice gratitude
One of the specialists says: make gratitude is a habit every morning. Begin by thanking God, then thanking people through your daily work or any favor is done for you. And within a few days, you will feel strongly strange new kind of power that leads you to unlimited success.

-Mechanism of action of gratitude
After long studies for a number of researchers in the NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and psychology show that most of the creative and wealthy people were grateful for any work they present them , and they have frequently a sense of gratitude and thanks to others, and they don’t deny this favor even after that huge fortunes that they have accumulated.
If we wondered: How does "gratitude" work, and how a grateful man can become successful, and what is the relationship between the practice of gratitude and creativity, for example? The answer lies in your subconscious mind!
Scientists confirm that every act you do, every movement you make or a word you speak, it issues a result of complex programs exist within the brain in an area called the subconscious mind. And there are reactions carried out by your subconscious mind at every moment with the events that pass you, and when you practice any work, there are complex operations occur in your brain does not feel it.
Gratitude has a tremendous power appears after a period of practice it. The great creative men in the world who were thanking to others and expressing gratitude in different ways, they have realized the benefits of this work and over practice it, and thus invested and reaped the results through their creativity and discovery.

       -How do we practice the art of gratitude?
-Gratitude journal
 Before you go to bed write down in blank book and preferably one that is lined, at least five things that you are grateful for that day. Even if some days you don’t have things to be grateful for, write down some basics: your health, even if your health is not perfectly well, your daughter, your husband, their health, your home and your animal and your friends.

Alongside to gratitude journal, practice it as a daily routine, for example, once you get up from your bed in the morning, be thankful for this a new day because it carries a beautiful meaning of a new life. When you brush your teeth, be thankful for having hands that enable you to brush. As you begin to have your breakfast, be grateful for this meal. When you get dressed, be thankful for these cloths. Once you get into your car or the taxi, be thankful for this vehicle. While you are on your way to your work place, be thankful for having a job. Focus on the positive things of your job, because there must be positive things and be thankful for. For example, reflect on your friends how they are very helpful and be thankful for that, and when they help you give thanks to them. When the meal break comes, be thankful for this time and this meal. And at the end of the work day, be thankful for that time.
 As you go home be thankful for having home, family and pets. When the dinner time comes, be thankful for this meal and being gathered with your family. When you watch TV, be grateful for this time and this device.

  -Gratitude journal to manifest something you desire
  Here is an inspiring story for a woman who manifested her home she always dreams about.
When she lost her home, she decided to look for another place. So she stared to practice gratitude journal. She wrote, "I am happy and grateful for my new home that has a natural spring for my ponds." Two months later, she moved to a new home and discovered that has at least two springs! At the time when she wrote that down, she didn't even know the home she is going to buy is already exist!
-Gratitude Journal to stop your divorce
I f you want to stop your divorce and save your marriage, practice gratitude journal. Write down at least five things that you are grateful for about that day. Over time your anger will diminish, you will develop a sense of appreciation and you will be more optimistic and happier. And your perspective on things and people in the world will be different and better. Many people practiced gratitude journal and found it really works!

Start today  practice gratitude and be grateful for every single thing in your life. Use gratitude to solve any problem in your life, to attract whatever you want. Be the master of gratitude, because the more gratitude you practice, the more miracles will happen to you.   

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