Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EFT is the most Powerful Way to Conquer Your Fears

you have a fear or phobia? What kind of Phobia do you have: height, flying in the plane, public speaking, animals like snake or going to the doctor? It doesn’t matter!  How long have you been suffering from that phobia since childhood, 10 years or whenever? It doesn’t matter! The good news is the radical treatment for any kind of fear has been found. No more fear today! It’s time to live freely without any fear, enjoy each moment filled with more relaxation. I know you get tired of visiting your medical professionals and taking pills with no result. I would like to tell you that the new treatment is natural, powerful more than any medicine you’ve ever imagined and easy as well. In fact, the power lies in the palm of your hand. The treatment is called EFT  

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and also is called Tapping. EFT is a Chinese tradition and has been developed by Gary Craig in 1995. It works simply to clear out the negative emotion in the body’s energy system that causes fear and creates a balance in it. Thus, EFT is an extremely powerful technique to overcome fear forever. It’s increasingly becoming one of the most famous personal growth techniques. Nowadays, EFT has become the most well known technique in many fields as an alternative health and wellness. A growing number of people start to practice EFT to get rid of any bad emotion and bring the changes that they are ever seeking. It’s a very simple technique. Within a moment, you will be amazed with the affectivity of EFT when you discover the long- standing mental emotions illness has gone! Everyone can practice it even children. It’s doesn’t require a coach or classes to take. It’ simply works by touching your body’s Meridian points with two fingers or more while repeating specific statements.



How to Practice EFT
In order to practice EFT Tappings, there are two main parts:
- The Karate Chop Point. You begin by tapping the “Karate chop” area of your hand. It’s the area where you hit bricks if you give the “Karate Chop.” This point has to be tapped continuously while reciting the set-up statement three times.

Alongside to the Karate Chop point, there are 8 tapping points on the body in order:
- EB Eyebrow:  on the inside of the beginning of the eyebrow closest to the nose.
- SE Side of Eye: outside corner of the eye.
- UE Under Eye: Under the center of the eye, on the bony ridge of the eye socket.
- UN Under Nose: halfway between the nose and the upper lip.
- CH Chin: between the lower lip and chin.
- CB Collarbone: below to the either side of the collarbone (You can use your whole hand.)
- UA Under Arm: the area about four inches below the armpit.
- TH Top of Head: on the top of the head.
It’s up to you to choose any side of your body to tap and hand to use.

       Let’s get started
-Step1: measure the level of your fear on a scale (0-10), with 0 meaning (no fear) and 10 meaning (very strong.)Write it down.

-Step2: Start by tapping the Karate chop area continuously with the four fingers while repeating the set-up statement three times: “Even though I am afraid of public speaking, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Or you can say, “even though I am afraid of public speaking, I choose to be calm and confident.” Try to be specific about the details in order to get better results.
Many alternative phrases can be replaced with the underlined part according to your fear like:
- I am afraid of heights.
-I am afraid of flying in a plane.
-I am afraid I won’t be able to sleep.
-I am afraid of going to the doctor.

-Step3: Then tap with two or more fingers closed together on the 8 tapping points area continuously (7-9 times) as they have been mentioned above in order. If it is possible say it aloud, or silently. But this time, repeat ONLY the statement that is related to your fear- the fearful feelings about this event, or in other words, tell what your problem is for example;
“I am afraid of public speaking” or “This horrible fear of public speaking.”

Tap 5-7 times on each following spot in sequence:
- Eyebrow
-Sid of Eye
-Under Eye
-Under Nose
-Under Arm (use four fingers to tap)
-Top of Head
Once you complete the first round and you still feel anxious, you can repeat it again.

Or you can repeat the same step above (step3) but this time switch to the positive statement:
“I deeply and completely love and respect myself” or “I choose to be calm and confident.”
The real purpose of tapping on the negative statement then switching to the positive one is clearing the negative emotions and then reinforcing the positive ones.
-Step4: After tapping more through rounds, take a deep breath in Just breathe deeply and slowly and hold it for a second or two. Then, exhale it slowly. You can take more deep breaths if you’d like. Also take a deep breath once you want to change the topic.
  -Step5: Evaluate the level of your fear based on the scale (0-10) again. Write it down. If the change is still low as you feel, repeat the whole steps above, but in this case you may want to change the set up statement that you use during the tapping process like:

Even though I still have some remaining fear of public speaking, I choose to be calm and confident anyway.

Step6: If you feel that there is a possibility for more improvement when you deal with the aspects that are related to your fear, do additional rounds. Examples of the aspects that are related to the “fear of speaking in public” are:
-         I am afraid my hands will be shaking.
-         I am afraid I will be nervous.
-         I am afraid my voice will start to shake
-         I am afraid I couldn’t breathe properly.
-         I am afraid my threat muscles will not work.
-         I am afraid that people will laugh.
-         I am afraid my face will turn bright red.
-         I am afraid I will forget what I am supposed to say.
You can add more issues related to the fear of speaking in public.
Now, repeat the statement you think of, and tap on the previous points continuously till the level of fear lowers to 0 or at least no higher than a 2 or 3.

Note: EFT also works for many issues like:

 - Worry and depression

- Stress, anxiety and panic attacks

-Guilt and low self esteem
- Weight issues
-Test anxiety
-Money and attracting abundance
-Addiction: alcohol, gambling, drugs and food
-Vision and hearing
-Family issues
-Children Issues
-Pregnancy, Birth, New Families
-Self image
-Men Issues
-Women Issues
-Creativity blocks

Friday, May 11, 2012

3 Steps to Become Un- Stuck and Release Worry and stress in any Tough Situation


May be you are in a tough situation, may be you've lost your job, may be you've lost in making decision with no idea how to step forward. Of course, feeling stuck overwhelmed your mind. Worry, stress invade your mind with negative thoughts. Your energy to think is completely damaged. So, would you like to conquer your worry in any situation you go through?Here are effective recipes to become un- stuck and to release worry and stress in any tough situation. These steps will put you in the proper way to move forward and will help you avoid falling in those traps in the future. Then you will be able to build a perfect life.
Below are the 3 steps to become un-stuck and  release worry and stress 
1-Take one long breath and face your situation by analyzing it rather than letting stress and worry dominate your mind and start to figure out what is the worst thing that could possibly happen if you can't solve this situation. The worst thing can be happened is the ruined of your business ,  the lost of your position , or the lost of  the money that you  were invested. But, you will not go to jail.   Analyze your situation and believe that what you are facing now is not the end of your life.

2-Now after facing the worst and accepting it mentally, said to you "What happens next?" Yes, the ruin of my business, the loss of my job, or the loss of my position   were the worst things, but I have to look for a job or I can get another position. That didn't sound bad. I had information enough about, for example marketing, where many companies may employ me to get benefit from my experience. Then you'll have a sense of peace and relaxation that you hadn't experienced in days.

3- After calming down and being able to think, figure out ways to improve upon the worst.

When you accept the worst mentally, you put yourself in a position to concentrate on your problem and gather your energy to figure out for the real solutions. Shifting your focus on solutions will open up for many inspired ideas to move you forward and you will see how many opportunities are waiting for you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Steps for Strong Self Respect Part2

-“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.” --Buddha

-“If you wish to be gentle with others, be gentle first with yourself.”—Buddha

"The moment you accept yourself without any conditions, suddenly an outburst of joy happens -- juices start flowing, life really become ecstatic...."--Osho

I've talked in the previous article about the true meaning of self respect.

Having self respect is the most important factor for happiness, self confidence, prosperity, inner peace as well as the releasing the inner power. A research has been made at Harvard University in terms of the advantage of a self respect and has found that those who have self respect are less caught in an evaluative framework like blame, stress, regret, lies and secrets.
Also as you start to respect yourself, you will notice people around you will be happy. And, when you improve self respect, the result will astonish you.  

You can develop self respect strongly by 3 powerful steps:

1-    Love yourself.
No one in the world, no matter how hardly you search in the world, deserves your love as much as yourself! No love compared to love yourself. Build a strong relationship with yourself. Love yourself as a beautiful child you see at the park. In order to love yourself, there are 10 things you have to follow as they have mentioned by Louis Hay (the mother of teaching how to love yourself:

·       Stop criticizing yourself: If you used to criticize yourself because you’re overweight, you don’t have a job or other excuses, stop right now! It is because criticism changes nothing at all. On the contrary, criticism gets things worst; because the changes that you desire will be negative. Therefore, accept yourself as it is. Approve yourself and when you do that, your changes will be positive and amazing.

·       Stop frightening yourself. It’s an extremely fearful way to scare yourself with your thoughts. Undoubtedly, the way of life in this manner looks like a nightmare. In fact, 80% of people’s thoughts are negative, according to many studies. So, separate yourself from your thought. As soon as your thought starts to focus on a negative thing, shifts it directly on a mental positive image, for example remember a special moment happened to you in your life, or nature.

·       Treat yourself gently with kindness and patience. Always pay attention and devote time to appropriate self- care. No matter what happens be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself. And as you start to learn how to change your bad habits or behaviors, or you learn new ways of thinking, be patient with yourself. Consider yourself as the most important person you love to be patient with, show your kindness and gentleness.

·       Treat your mind with kindness. Self-hatred comes basically from hating your negative thoughts-the nagging thoughts that come back to you. However, it isn’t a sensible excuse for self-hatred! It’s completely wrong to hate yourself for having thoughts. Just try to change your thoughts gently.

·       Appreciate yourself. Appreciate yourself as much as you can. Show your appreciation to yourself by telling to yourself how great you are doing with everything, every situation even with the smallest one. In fact, appreciation is the best Vaccine of criticism, so use it to lift yourself up.

·       Ask for help. It’s very important to support yourself when you need help. You have to ask for help to move forward. Find ways; ask your friends to support you.

·       Love your negative thoughts. You have to know that the negative thoughts have been created by you according to your needs. So now, try to find means to replace them with positive thoughts. And be loving to release any pattern of negative thoughts.

·       Look after your body. Learn how to keep your body healthy. Learn what kind of healthy food that provides you energy and strength. Also, practice exercise; learn what kind of exercise that you enjoy, make you happy and active when you practice it.

·       Mirror technique. Look into the mirror and into the depth of your eyes often. Then, express your love to yourself, and say, ‘I forgive you, also say, ‘I forgive my parents’ as you talk to them face to face. Practice it at least once a day and say, ‘I love you, I really love you.’

·       Love yourself right now! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting to lose your weight, get a job and achieve other desires then you love yourself! On the contrary, when you love yourself so much as you are, every desire you wish will come to you effortlessly!

2-    Expect a good treatment from others too.
After showing highly loves to yourself, you will never be the same person at all! You no longer be in a position less than you deserve.  You no longer let others  take promotion than you. It’s because the great level of self-love gives you the strength and courage to stand up for yourself.

3-    Cultivate a greater habit of self awareness and self knowledge
AS you start to love and accept yourself, you will begin to feel that you are deeply and strongly connected to your authentic self which reassures the complete confidence in you and affirms in who really you are.

Just practice these three steps and notice how the change in your life would be!