Friday, May 11, 2012

3 Steps to Become Un- Stuck and Release Worry and stress in any Tough Situation


May be you are in a tough situation, may be you've lost your job, may be you've lost in making decision with no idea how to step forward. Of course, feeling stuck overwhelmed your mind. Worry, stress invade your mind with negative thoughts. Your energy to think is completely damaged. So, would you like to conquer your worry in any situation you go through?Here are effective recipes to become un- stuck and to release worry and stress in any tough situation. These steps will put you in the proper way to move forward and will help you avoid falling in those traps in the future. Then you will be able to build a perfect life.
Below are the 3 steps to become un-stuck and  release worry and stress 
1-Take one long breath and face your situation by analyzing it rather than letting stress and worry dominate your mind and start to figure out what is the worst thing that could possibly happen if you can't solve this situation. The worst thing can be happened is the ruined of your business ,  the lost of your position , or the lost of  the money that you  were invested. But, you will not go to jail.   Analyze your situation and believe that what you are facing now is not the end of your life.

2-Now after facing the worst and accepting it mentally, said to you "What happens next?" Yes, the ruin of my business, the loss of my job, or the loss of my position   were the worst things, but I have to look for a job or I can get another position. That didn't sound bad. I had information enough about, for example marketing, where many companies may employ me to get benefit from my experience. Then you'll have a sense of peace and relaxation that you hadn't experienced in days.

3- After calming down and being able to think, figure out ways to improve upon the worst.

When you accept the worst mentally, you put yourself in a position to concentrate on your problem and gather your energy to figure out for the real solutions. Shifting your focus on solutions will open up for many inspired ideas to move you forward and you will see how many opportunities are waiting for you.

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