Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Steps for Strong Self Respect Part2

-“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.” --Buddha

-“If you wish to be gentle with others, be gentle first with yourself.”—Buddha

"The moment you accept yourself without any conditions, suddenly an outburst of joy happens -- juices start flowing, life really become ecstatic...."--Osho

I've talked in the previous article about the true meaning of self respect.

Having self respect is the most important factor for happiness, self confidence, prosperity, inner peace as well as the releasing the inner power. A research has been made at Harvard University in terms of the advantage of a self respect and has found that those who have self respect are less caught in an evaluative framework like blame, stress, regret, lies and secrets.
Also as you start to respect yourself, you will notice people around you will be happy. And, when you improve self respect, the result will astonish you.  

You can develop self respect strongly by 3 powerful steps:

1-    Love yourself.
No one in the world, no matter how hardly you search in the world, deserves your love as much as yourself! No love compared to love yourself. Build a strong relationship with yourself. Love yourself as a beautiful child you see at the park. In order to love yourself, there are 10 things you have to follow as they have mentioned by Louis Hay (the mother of teaching how to love yourself:

·       Stop criticizing yourself: If you used to criticize yourself because you’re overweight, you don’t have a job or other excuses, stop right now! It is because criticism changes nothing at all. On the contrary, criticism gets things worst; because the changes that you desire will be negative. Therefore, accept yourself as it is. Approve yourself and when you do that, your changes will be positive and amazing.

·       Stop frightening yourself. It’s an extremely fearful way to scare yourself with your thoughts. Undoubtedly, the way of life in this manner looks like a nightmare. In fact, 80% of people’s thoughts are negative, according to many studies. So, separate yourself from your thought. As soon as your thought starts to focus on a negative thing, shifts it directly on a mental positive image, for example remember a special moment happened to you in your life, or nature.

·       Treat yourself gently with kindness and patience. Always pay attention and devote time to appropriate self- care. No matter what happens be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself. And as you start to learn how to change your bad habits or behaviors, or you learn new ways of thinking, be patient with yourself. Consider yourself as the most important person you love to be patient with, show your kindness and gentleness.

·       Treat your mind with kindness. Self-hatred comes basically from hating your negative thoughts-the nagging thoughts that come back to you. However, it isn’t a sensible excuse for self-hatred! It’s completely wrong to hate yourself for having thoughts. Just try to change your thoughts gently.

·       Appreciate yourself. Appreciate yourself as much as you can. Show your appreciation to yourself by telling to yourself how great you are doing with everything, every situation even with the smallest one. In fact, appreciation is the best Vaccine of criticism, so use it to lift yourself up.

·       Ask for help. It’s very important to support yourself when you need help. You have to ask for help to move forward. Find ways; ask your friends to support you.

·       Love your negative thoughts. You have to know that the negative thoughts have been created by you according to your needs. So now, try to find means to replace them with positive thoughts. And be loving to release any pattern of negative thoughts.

·       Look after your body. Learn how to keep your body healthy. Learn what kind of healthy food that provides you energy and strength. Also, practice exercise; learn what kind of exercise that you enjoy, make you happy and active when you practice it.

·       Mirror technique. Look into the mirror and into the depth of your eyes often. Then, express your love to yourself, and say, ‘I forgive you, also say, ‘I forgive my parents’ as you talk to them face to face. Practice it at least once a day and say, ‘I love you, I really love you.’

·       Love yourself right now! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting to lose your weight, get a job and achieve other desires then you love yourself! On the contrary, when you love yourself so much as you are, every desire you wish will come to you effortlessly!

2-    Expect a good treatment from others too.
After showing highly loves to yourself, you will never be the same person at all! You no longer be in a position less than you deserve.  You no longer let others  take promotion than you. It’s because the great level of self-love gives you the strength and courage to stand up for yourself.

3-    Cultivate a greater habit of self awareness and self knowledge
AS you start to love and accept yourself, you will begin to feel that you are deeply and strongly connected to your authentic self which reassures the complete confidence in you and affirms in who really you are.

Just practice these three steps and notice how the change in your life would be!

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