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100 Things You Are Thankful for Part 2

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"-William A. ward
The benefits of gratitude are uncountable! The feeling of being truly grateful for what you already have has a strong impact in your life. As a matter of fact, as you practice gratitude, the feeling of being grateful for will shift the energy in every cell in your body, so it will change the world and people around you, and it will open up the opportunities and your ability to receive more abundance. The most important point to receive more financial abundance, achieve your dreams no matter what they are, bring good health, get rid of any amount of stress is to feel deeply of gratitude and I insist on deeply , because it means that  you flood your mind and body with the deepest level of gratitude. By this way, you declare to the universe that you are satisfied with your life, every aspect in your life is perfect, and you are no longer worry, stress about money or anything else. So you are on the way to attract more and more money. Once you start to feel worry about money, stop! It's because the feeling of worry controls over your body which blocks the abundance that is coming to you, and immediately replace it with the feeling of being  grateful for the money you already have. Remember! You have to be truly and deeply grateful for what you already have, because it’s where the abundance starts to come to you effortlessly!
Spend a few times looking deeply inside your life and figure out what things you are grateful for. Even if you are under rainy days, of course there are treasure things you already have and they’re really worthy to be grateful for. Be grateful even for little things. In fact, the true feeling of being grateful for everything in your life is the key to change your life mightily. There are a lot of things you have to be grateful for, but you may forget to focus on the good ones.
  I make a little list of things that you have to be grateful for. Think about the following and think about the main things that you are not thankful for about it, and the main things that you are thankful for.

What things are you thankful for in your life?
 -I am thankful for my five senses          

-1-Sense of smell: being able to smell flowers, perfumes.
 2-Sense of touch: being able to touch the loved ones, the rain on my face.
3-Sense of hearing: being able to hear the drops of rain, listen to music, the song of birds, and the voice of loved ones.
4-Sense of sight: being able to see the sky, sun, clouds, sea, watch snow fall, people smile at me and all beautiful things in life.
5-Sense of taste: being able to distinguish between taste of food either sweet, salt, sour, or bitter.

I am thankful for sense of feeling.
 6- I can feel the sun, rain, and wind on my face.

  -I am thankful for the clean air that I breathe.
 15-It keeps me a live, healthy and happy.
-I am thankful for being able to breathe.
 16-Breath supplies my body and all various organs with oxygen which is important for my survival. The need to survival is extremely stronger than anything else.
-  I am thankful for Oxygen
17- It keeps me alive.
I am thankful for all parts of my body

7-My hands: I can hold my stuff on my own like my bag, my baby; I can open the door of my car and I can type on my computer.
8-My legs: I can walk, run, go to the beach or to my work, play football , and climb a hill.
9-My heart: it pumps blood to all parts of my body so it keeps me alive.
10-My lungs: I can breathe and  it keeps me alive.
11-My mind:  I can use it to solve problems, think, create ideas and visualize to bring my dreams into reality.
12-My immune system: it protects my body from virus and diseases.
13-My health: I can do whatever I want today and in the future, I can practice my activities on my own.
Even if your health isn’t perfectly well, you have to be grateful for your health.
14- My teeth: they chew the food up so it is easier to swallow it.
 - I am thankful for all members in my life

18-My parents: they take care of me when I was child until I have grow up.
19-My children: they bring joy to my life.
20- My husband: we enjoy time together and he fights for me and his kids.
21-My friends and neighbors: they help and support me when I need them.
22-My pets: they add a beautiful meaning to my life.
 23- All people in the world: Who are being kind to me, support me, provide me information and help that I need.

-I am thankful for food  

24- Food provides me energy and sterngth to continue my day. 

- I am thankful for water

25-Water keeps  me survival and every living things like animals and plants.


- I am thankful for shelter
 26- I have a home where I can live in. It saves my family and me from sun, rain and wind.
- I am thankful for beauty in nature
27-Sun: it brings light and keeps me warm in winter.
28-Snow: it adds a beautiful meaning of winter and I can go skiing.
29-Sunshine: it gives me hope to start a new day.
30-Sunset: it brings me a comfort sight to the end of day ,and gives me a meaning of silence and calmness.
31-Stars and moon: they light up the earth.
32-Rain: It blossoms my  flowers and the sunshine rises with joy.
33- Tree: it gives me rest and shows me its glory and strength.
34-Grass: I can lie on it while I watching stars ,and its color gives me a sense of comfort.
35-Rainbow: It shows me a beautiful sight of different colors after a rainy period.

- I am thankful for having my own room

  37- I can sleep in; do whatever I want to do freely.
  38- My bed: I can sleep in it.
  39- My wardrobe: where I can put my clothes.
  40- My alarm: it wakes me up early in the morning.
   41- My comb: it keeps my hair beautiful.

- I am thankful for my clothes and shoes


42-Clothes: they cover and protect my body; they keep me warm in winter. I have enough clothes to choose from.
43-Shoes: they protect my feet while I am doing various activities.

- I am thankful for my air conditioner
44-It keeps me feel cool during the hot summer.
- I am thankful for my heater.
45-It keeps me warm during winter. 
-I am thankful for my refrigerator
46-It keeps meat, chicken, vegetable, fruit fresh away from bacteria.
-I am thankful for my cooker
47-It cooks my food faster and easier.
- I am thankful for my toaster
48-It makes my breakfast delicious in the morning.
-I am thankful for my creams
49-They help keep my skin silky smooth and supple.
- I am thankful for technology
50- Computer: I can type my assignment without any mistake. I can make business better.
51-Mobile: I can keep in contact with my friends and family wherever they are.
52-Internet: I can get different information. I can send email. I can communicate with any person in different parts in the world.
53- Blogs and forums: I can discuss, communicate and express my opinion with other people. And also I can get help.
54-iPod: I enjoy listening to music by my iPod while I am traveling by bus.

- I am thankful for the means to travel


55- I can use my car or bike, or I have public transport to move easily from one place to another.
-I am thankful for electricity
56-Electricity lights up lamps in my home ,and the roads’ lamps at night. My air conditioner and heater work on electricity. All the devices in my home depend on it.
- I am thankful for the gas
57- Gas is the main supply for my oven, hot water heater and stove.

-I am thankful for my job

58- My job is one source of my supplies of money .
-I am thankful for my boss
59-He is very kind.
-I am thankful for my co-workers and employees
60-They are very helpful.

61-I am thankful for the money that I have already had (even if it is a few coins.) and for every money I have spent and yet to spend.
62-I am thankful for all my bills that I have paid.

-I am thankful for my liberty

63-I am free and imprisoned.
64-I am alive.
65-I have the opportunity to learn something new.
66-I can take my own decision.

- I am thankful for my country
67-It’s safe for me, my people and other’s people.

- I am thankful for happiness
68- Happiness makes me feel better.

  - I am thankful for my laughter
69- I always feel better after laugh.
  -I am thankful for music   
 70-It uplifts my spirit when I am down and makes me feel more relaxed.
-I am thankful for books
71- They provide me precious information that help me to find wisdom, peace and enjoy a more balanced and creative life.
 - I am thankful for movies
72- They entertain me, make me laugh and happy.

I am thankful for time
73- It organizes my activities during the day.

-I am thankful for treasure time

74- Time I take my dog for long walks.
75-Time I spend with my family.
76-Time I spend playing on my playground.
77- Many hours I entertain myself.
78-Free time and holidays I spend away from work.

I am thankful for special moments

83- My best moments when I started to learn how to walk, run, talk and laugh.
84- My best days such as birthdays and anniversaries.
85- Getting unexpected presents.
86- Having a meal outdoors.
87-Special memories, the time I spent with the loved ones.
88- My first time when I got salary from my first job and I went shopping with my own money.

-I am thankful for my success

79- I can make friend easily.
80- I have different skills.
81- I am very talented.

82 -I enjoy my time with the things I am interested in.
I am thankful for the one who draws smile on my face
89- He makes me happy.
90-I am thankful for discovering how to achieve my goals.
-I am thankful for the universe
91- It is my supply, always listening and responding to my wishes. And its sources are infinite.

-I am thankful for the age I live in
92- Where I can get or finish what I want easier and faster.
- I am thankful for challenges
93- Challenges made me stronger.
-I am thankful for the wrong things I did at the first time
94- They improved me for better.
-I am thankful for enemies
95-They gave me good opportunities to improve myself.
96-I am thankful for the lessons that I learn day after day although long years of experience.
-I am thankful for life
97- It gives me the opportunity to learn and experience a lot.
- I am thankful to be me 
98- I love, respect and accept myself. Even if I am overweight, I love myself.

I am thankful for being aware of the virtue of gratitude.
 99 - It really makes a big change in my life for better.
-I am thankful for being a thankful man.
100-I start to appreciate everything in my life.

There are still more to be thankful for! Take a look in each area in your life and discover what things that you are grateful for. Take a look in your work place and figure out the things you are grateful for. Recall your childhood and remember beautiful moments when you were child and be thankful for that. Take a moment and think about persons, places and shops that serve and entertain you like tailor, baker, sewing shop, supermarket, park, and zoo and so on. Be thankful for anything you touch or see.
 Be the master of gratitude and look deeply in your life and discover what things you are truly grateful for. A man with a grateful heart attracts people like him. In fact, the universe loves a thankful man.

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