Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Best 10 Tips to Live a Peaceful Life with Forgiveness

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”- Lewis B. Smedes

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -- Mahatma Gandhi

“Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were. --Cherie Carter-Scott


any people misunderstand the true meaning of forgiveness. They believe that when they forgive the wronged person, they let him get away with his doing. And they take the forgiving person to be weak. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you neglect the offences of others.  It doesn’t mean you accept the wrong behavior as well.
 The true meaning of forgiveness goes beyond what have been mentioned above. It is not related to the offender. On the contrary, forgiveness is basically focused on the forgiver (you).  Forgiveness is a process of releasing negative thoughts, emotions, resentment, indignation anger or revenge. Unless the forgiver forgives the wronged person, his pain will last to be part in his life. And this pain will leave lasting effect in his mind as he will be blinded by revenge. So, he will sink deeply in suffering.

 Forgiveness releases you from the delusion of your mind and suffering. Forgiveness reduces or minimizes the feeling of being hurt, because it shifts your perspective to look on the bright side of your life and not let little things poison your life, as Carnegie said 'life is too short to be little." Forgiveness acts like water which puts out a huge fire. When you forgive, you bring peace on the wronged person or on the situation. So you can live happier and go on in your life.

  The negative consequences for not forgiving are devastated. Don't think ever when you don't forgive, you hurt the person who harmed you! Of course not, you actually destroy yourself and your life; because the feeling of hatred will cause a harmful effect on your mind then the harmful thoughts will continue to hurt yourself and others. 
Moreover, many studies show that the feeling of anger and revenge have a direct effect on your health. The less forgiving people are the most people facing many diseases. On the contrary, studies show the forgiving people live healthier and happier and are less for health problems. Also, forgiveness is one of the reasons for healing, because when you release negative emotions, you actually use them for your healing.

Listen, forgiveness is a supreme virtue. It is a divine power. It's the virtue of strength. Forgiveness can't be done by anyone! The strong person can forgive, but the weak can't. So be the one who is born for the divine state.

 The following exercise includes ten steps to forgive anyone. This exercise is actually by “The Silva Method.”

Practice this exercises in a quiet place where there is no distraction and you feel more relaxed.

1-  First of all, write down all names of people in the present and past that you haven't forgiven them yet.
2-  After you are done from your list, start to focus on the name of the first person.
3-  Once you read the name, unconsciously, you will begin to recall all the bad memories and negative emotions that relate to this name.
4-  Start to imagine that you throw all the memories and emotions that you carry inside of you in a container so in this case those things have become outside of yourself. It's up to you to use a big container or small.
5-  Imagine for a moment that all the memories and emotions in the container like a scientists or a very curios child.
6-  Then observe don't absorb without showing any judgment. Spend a minute or two.
7-  Imagine that you are pouring cool water in the container.
8-  When you see the cool water has been covered the container including the hurtful emotions and memories, say: “the name of the person I forgive for (the wrong doing and mention it). Although there is no excuse for the act that you hurt me, I decide to let you go and release my negative feelings from inside me. So we are both free to do better.”
9-   Repeat these steps with each person that you already wrote them down.

10-Finally, give thanks to yourself for having a strong ability and self-love to be willing to forgive.
From this time and on, you will live in peace and harmony in life and even can heal yourself.
 After that, I invite you to read the following inspiring poem about the virtue of forgiveness.

This Place of My Forgiveness by Betty elders
In this place of my forgiveness
Here my soul has found a home
In this hour of my deliverance
No enemies I own
In this place of my forgiveness
I shall ride the Glory Train
I am eager, ever waiting
I shall be at peace again
Take these chains I've forged in anger
Let them bind no more again
Take this darkness it doth blind me
Let kindness now begin
Mighty is the sword of vengeance
Justly must its might prevail
Infinite is God's own mercy
When my mercy fails
Fear, I shall not give you refuge
For you would rob me of my sight
You would leave my soul to anguish
In eternal night
In this place of my forgiveness
Here my soul has found a home
In this hour of my deliverance
His Kingdom shall I own
His Kingdom I shall own


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