Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top Persuasion Tips to Help You Get What You Want in Life

ersuasion is a powerful art that is used to change anyone's behavior and way of thinking. In order to become an expert persuader, you need to learn persuasion influence skills. Once you master these skills, you'll get what you want in life; you can persuade your boss to give you a promotion, you can have abundance of money to buy whatever you desire, you can win lots of faithful friends, you can increase your sales and income. So, I put these skills in your hands to work in your life.
Below are some powerful tips that enhance your ability to influence and persuade anyone you desire.
- Try to be nice and helpful
Always smile at everybody because a bright smile is always welcome. Try to give them a sincere compliment to encourage and uplift their spirit. These little things mean so much.
Make them feel more comfortable when they need any help, or be there to guide them for their good. If you do these things, they would be more receptive to you because they trust and respect.
If you want from your boss to do you a favor, do your best to do anything to please him. You'll reach beyond his expectations. Soon, he'll appreciate your efforts and then response to your persuasion efforts easily.

-Understand their situation

 Listen to them carefully and figure out what their expectations .This will prove to them that you are really interested in them. You need to put yourself in their shoes. Understand their situation.  Ask yourself, if their situation is mine, what would I do? Then take the right move that would be good for their interest. So, they tend to be more likely to trust and respect you.
- Mirroring their movements
People you mirror subconsciously feel more comfortable with you. Watch their movements. Focus on the way they act, how they speak, and how they think. If they speak clearly and slowly, try to do the same thing. If they rub their hands while they talk to you, act like them. But, you should be sure that you are not copying them.
- Keep your words consistent
This technique requires a person to stay commitment with what he has said or promised. Anyone who says one thing and do the opposite commonly are unacceptable.
In order to be approved in society, try to follow your words. Once a person appreciates and values the concept of honor and dignity, he will stay consistent to his word.
- Prove that your claims are undeniable
Try to convince them that your ideas and suggestions could indeed be powerful methods to implement. Give them evidence that can't be denied. Prove to them that your products are the best by showing them testimonials, before and after scenarios, and offer details on the advantages of your products compared to your competitors.  Make sure that all your proofs are reliable.  Make a good reputation as much as you can.
- Greed sometimes is good
As we know greed is unacceptable. But, when it is used in the persuasion influence skills is good. This skill is popular among those who sell Jewelries and lottery tickets. The person who uses this skill tries to convince people by telling them tales about how his or her life will be much more better after winning this lottery or how beautiful they will be when they wear jewelry.
- Get benefit from the magical power of ' because'
All of us use the word "because" in writing sentences. But, are we use it enough verbally? In fact, this word has incredible results when it is used verbally in actual sentence.
When you are trying to explain that you need promotion from your boss, for example, you can't say “I deserve a promotion for my hard work after all these years in this company". Instead you can say" I deserve a promotion because I worked really hard after all these years in this company. The word always works to your interest.
- Keep up with their wants and needs
Always try to satisfy people as best as possible. One way to satisfy them is to understand their needs and wants. People usually influence when their expectations, interests, desires, needs are met. If you could prove to them that you are really interested and care about them personally, then you will gain their thrust and respect.
 Remember these are the most powerful techniques that you can use them to persuade anyone to reach your goal.  Don't waste your effort. Persuasion influence skills are waiting for you. So, it is your moment to exploit it.

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