Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Get $100, 000 in One Month …Guaranteed!

o you really want to get $100, 000 in one month even if you don’t have a job? I am not kidding.
No matter what kind economic circumstances looks like, no matter what kind of your current life looks like, you can achieve anything that you’ve always dreamt of.
First of all, you have to know that the miracle power is within! Your subconscious mind can achieve anything you really desire. AS Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” So I will show you how to harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

  First and foremost, once you read the previous statement,  you have to  reprogram your mind and change your belief that you can achieve anything  you desire whatever your circumstances are . Everything is possible!

Here’s the formula, as I have taken from the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
-First, in order to achieve what you want in one month, focus ONLY on ONE goal instead of more goals.
-Second, write down your goal as the following: “by the first day of April 2012, I will have in my possession $100, 000, which will come to me in various amounts. In return for this money, I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable in business (describe the service or business you are going to run or you already have) in a simple way.”
-Third, specify 30 minutes to create mentally a clear picture of achieving what you want in the definite date.
In order to create a clear picture during that 30 minutes, close your eyes and make this picture dynamic and fuel it with emotions, including all five senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste).
-Fourth, read it aloud twice daily when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed (it’s better  spend 10 minutes especially before bed-time). AS you read it, create the mental picture again, with a strong feeling and belief that you have already possessed that money.

Note: This technique is also used for anything you want to achieve not only money, and also you can set whatever the time or date  you want that thing to achieve.

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