Monday, March 5, 2012

‘No, I can't’ is the enemy of your dream

‘No, I can't speak in front of people.’…….. 'No, I can't afford that.’…. ‘No, I can’t do it '….. ‘No, I can’t sing.'…….'No, I can’t……………’ ‘No, I can’t………..’
  ‘ No, I can't' is the silence voice that kills your dream, holds you back, misses all opportunities  to success because it limits your belief  in yourself and your ability. ‘No, I can't' is the enemy that invades your subconscious mind.

When we were children, we had unlimited imagination and dreams for anything we like. We could do and be anything we wanted to be.  But when we grew up, many old beliefs  come from our parents, neighbors, teachers and the society have began  to stick in our mind, For example, you can’t achieve your dream before you join collage, you are nothing  without education . So our subconscious mind absorbed all old beliefs that block our abilities and we began to believe that, and the worst is trying to convince others of our abilities as well
 You have to realize that your subconscious mind is the miracle power ever in the universe that can achieve anything you desire, no matter what kind of desire it is. Your subconscious mind is working for you, waiting for your direction.
 Your subconscious mind follows your beliefs and thoughts, so if you have negative thoughts and beliefs, your subconscious mind will attract negative situations, people and circumstances that make it hard to achieve your dream. So everything will get worst. And if you have positive thoughts, your subconscious mind will attract positive situations, people and circumstances that make your dream easier to be achieved.

  I know you want to succeed, you want to believe in yourself and  your abilities, you want to believe you can. 
  Start today and change your thoughts and beliefs, get rid of all negative thoughts, believe in yourself that you can and your subconscious mind will respond to your direction and attract people, situations and circumstances to achieve your dream, and everything will get better.  The sooner you begin , the sooner result you will get.
You can achieve anything you want. You can achieve you dream.  Just tell yourself that you can, tell yourself that everything will work for you. Just change your thoughts and beliefs, and you will change your life.

No matter what the economic circumstances look like, you can achieve your dream. No matter what other people tell you how hard it is to find a job, you can find the job you’ve always dreamt of. Declare to the world that you can achieve your goals because you believe in yourself and your ability.

Everyday repeat the following affirmations and you will find the incredible results:
Yes, I can do it.
Yes, I believe in myself.
Yes, I believe in my ability.
Yes, I believe I am the master, I know all the answers.

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