Monday, January 23, 2012

Powerful Tips to End Your Worry, Anxiety, Stress and Depression Forever

or everyone who is really concerned about his or her current life; who suffers from anxiety, worry, stress and depression, who gets sick of visiting more doctors and taking more pills without any result.  I will give you five powerful tips that will definitely make a dramatic change in your life. It will move your life from the bottom to the top. By following these tips, you will eventually reach a state of calmness; you will experience a beautiful life you’ve never had before. Moreover, the benefits of these tips are not only for the short- term but also for the long- term. These tips will not cost you any cent!

1-Positive Thinking

First of all, you have to be positive all the time whatever the circumstances are. When you get up in the morning expect all good things are coming to you today. Even if something wrong happens throughout the day, control your thoughts, because it is the first key to relieve your worry, anxiety, stress and depression.  

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When you are worried, do practice meditation. When you are anxious, do practice meditation. When you are stressed, do practice meditation. When you are depressed, do practice meditation. Meditation is one of the most powerful methods for stress relief. Meditation is an old method which has been practiced over many centuries until today to solve many problems and relief any pain. It works simply through the powerful role of breath control which turns negative thoughts and brings inner peace. Nowadays, most doctors recommend practicing meditation. A Growing numbers of people practice meditation daily. It only takes 10-15 minutes. Believe me you will guarantee the result!

Many researches show the extraordinary benefits of meditation such as:

-Meditation reduces stress, anxiety; panic attacks and brings calm and inner peace.
-Meditation reduces symptoms of depression.
-Meditation enables the insomniacs to sleep normally.
-Meditation lowers blood pressure.
- Meditation improves brain function including memory.
-Meditation reduces heart disease and cancer deaths.
-Meditation helps lose weight.
-Meditation reduces aging.

How can you practice meditation?

1- When you get up in the morning sit in a quiet place, where you feel comfortable and where there is no distraction. (Wake up earlier than usual. If you can’t practice it early morning, go meditate before you go to bed).
2-   Straighten your spine, and have a good posture exactly like in the picture above.
3- Listen to a relax music or just practice silent meditation. If you would like to listen to a relax music and that’s what I prefer, here is a link of relaxation music:
3-Close your eyes, and take deep breaths.
4-Take three deep breaths and focus on your breathing, while you breathe out slowly let any unwanted thoughts or feeling like worry, anxiety, stress and depression fade away.
5-when you feel that you’re distracted by some thoughts come into your mind, without any feeling of failure, just go back to your breath.
6-Now take another three deep breaths and while you exhale mentally countdown 3 to 1.
7-Now start visualization. Imagine you are in a beautiful place like a garden. Start to look around you at the beautiful scene, e.g. the trees and listen to the sound of birds on them. Take another deep breath and smile. Imagine a small river in front of you and put your hands in the river and feel the warm water of the river and smile. After that lie down on the grass and feel a sense of comfort and calm. Finally, take another deep breath and open your eyes. (Or you can visualize any image of any place that makes you relaxed e.g. the sea)
8- Practice this meditation again before you go to bed.

And if you don't know how to do meditation, here’s a sample of guided meditation I've found on Youtube. Download it on your IPod and put the headphone on and follow the instruction. Note: I don't own this guided meditation.

3-Positive affirmations

   If you are really thirsty to get rid of worry, anxiety stress and depression, and eager to change your behaviors and attitudes, use positive affirmations.  Positive affirmations are one of the greatest tools to reduce worry, anxiety stress and depression. Positive affirmations like positive instructions you give to your subconscious to defeat bad habits in it and replace them with positive thoughts. By using positive affirmations, you will notice a dramatic change in your thoughts, behaviors and attitudes and you will feel inner peace.
In order to get the best result of positive affirmations you have to follow the tips below:
1- Keep the positive affirmations in the present tense. For example, you can say to yourself: “Everyday I am getting better and better”, not “Everyday I will be better and better.” Because in the present tense, it means the change will be now, but in the future, it means the result will be in the future not now. 
2- Feel the meaning of each word.
3- Speak them slowly and clearly.
4- Repeat the positive affirmations several times.
5-Write down the positive affirmations and keep them in your pocket, post them on any place where you can read them most of the time (in the kitchen, in your bedroom, in the living room, on your desk, on the bathroom mirror, by the phone).
Here are some examples of positive affirmations:
-Everyday in every way I am getting better and better.
-All good things are coming to me today.
-I can successfully handle any challenge.
-I feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.
-I am always positive, truthful and grateful.
-I am always happy.
-I am calm and relaxed in every situation.

4-Mirror technique




Mirror technique is a powerful method to relieve your worry, stress, anxiety and depression. By standing in front of the mirror, repeating some positive statements, you definitely create a new picture of yourself and your thoughts, because your subconscious responds to your new messages in which it is going to bring these messages into reality. Within a few days, you will notice extraordinary results in your behaviors and attitudes. The sooner you use the mirror technique, the sooner you'll get better. You will notice that your confidence has grown and you have personal power that enables you to handle any obstacle in your life.

How does this technique work?
-Stand in front of the mirror, straighten your spine, take 3 deep breaths, and look into the depth of your eyes because it’s the path of your soul.
-Now smile to yourself in the mirror and repeat the positive affirmations above.  
-Repeat this technique twice a day.

5- Gratitude

- Have you ever thought gratitude is the best antibiotic against worry, anxiety, stress and depression?  Many researches show the incredible impact of gratitude on those who are worried, anxious, stressed and depressed. They approve that practicing gratitude enables anyone to overcome all kinds of challenges in the daily life. As matter of fact, the feeling of being thankful increases the positive feeling and brings calm no matter what kind of difficulties are  in your life; because when you give thanks for people ,things ,events , or even for a little things in your life, you push the negative thoughts away and replace them with the positive ones. You will feel inner strength, and you will gradually notice the worry begins to fade away. Then you will feel a sense of calm and inner peace that you haven’t experienced before. Gratitude shifts your thoughts to focus only on the positive things, which in turn shines the happiness within you and make you smile whatever the circumstances are. Don’t underestimate gratitude because it’s the secret people rarely know about.

How to be grateful for everything? 

-When you get up in the morning be grateful for the time you spent sleeping, be grateful for being healthy, be grateful for the beauty of the weather, be grateful for the warm sunshine, be grateful for your meal. (That is by saying: I'm grateful for …….., I'm thankful for ……….).
-When you go to your work, be grateful for the car that you have or to the taxi you are going to get in. During the work day, be grateful for the job you have, be grateful for the people you are working with. And when the break comes, be grateful for this time and the lunch you have. At the end of the day of working, be grateful for that time.
-When you go home, be grateful for having a home, be grateful for having a family, be grateful for having a pet like a cat or a dog.
- When you go to bed, write down at least five things for which you are feeling grateful for (It’s called gratitude journal).

   During the day be grateful for the little things you see, touch, use or even anyone draws a smile on your face. Even if some negative situations happened throughout the day, give thanks for them because gratitude turns bad things into good things. In this case, you will bring all good things into your life. After experiencing gratitude, you will eventually realize it is the closest friend that always makes you happy.

Follow this link to get the summary of the whole program

Please stick to the whole program, and don’t try to find alternative solutions because I guarantee if you follow this program step by step, you will definitely end your suffering.
   Remember: “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” And I am sure that you will win and NEVER quit whatever the circumstances are.

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