Saturday, January 21, 2012

7 Tips to Get What You Want by a Vision Board

ave you ever imagined a vision board can attract what you desire in your life?  What are you feeling when you are eventually drive the car , live in the house that you’ve always dreamt of, you become financially free, bring health to your life by using a vision board? So do you know what the vision board is?

A Vision board is one of the best magical techniques to manifest whatever you want in your life. A vision board is defined as a collection of pictures that interprets your goals to turn them into reality. It simply works like ’ask and it will be given to you”. Whatever you order in a vision board e.g. a new car, a new house, more money and so on, sooner or later will be delivered to you by the universe. The secret beyond this technique is more powerful than you imagine. When you look at your vision board daily, you keep focused on what you want to achieve. By this way, you actually activate the hidden power of your subconscious mind. So the universe will rearrange everything you need to achieve your desire (attracts people, circumstances and situations). In fact, your subconsciouses mind responses effectively to pictures and images.
   This technique is still using among unlimited number of people. Don’t ever think what you desire is impossible, because everything with a vision board is possible! So imagine what you truly desire and use the magic of vision board to create it into reality.
   The process of creating your vision board doesn’t cost you any cent, it just requires a few times and simple materials which already available inside your home.

What are the materials?

-You can use magazines, newspapers, the Internet to download pictures, search in Google, take photographs or even you can draw if you can’t find the appropriate ones.
- You can use any kind of board (poster board, foam board, cork board or mat board).
-You need a glue stick and scissor.
- You can use crayons, markers or paint (whatever you like).
Note: Before you create your vision board set your goals.

How to create your vision board?

1- Cut out pictures that truly match your desire. Let your intuition guide you to choose the right pictures which actually capture your feeling.
2- Before you paste your pictures place them on the board according to your priority. For example, the most important one is at the top; the less important one is at the bottom.
3- Attach a theme into every spot of the board, for instance, health, wealth or job (optional). 
4 - Paste your pictures.
5- Place your photo in the centre of your board (Optional).
6- It’s up to you to use markers or crayons to write some motivated statements e.g. my dream car or I receive a lot of money.
7- Place your vision board in a place where you can see it often e.g. on your desk, in your room, or hang it on the wall to remind you of what you want to achieve.
Try to design your vision board like designing your room! Use your favorite colors, paint to evoke your positive feeling.
  If you would like to share your family with your vision board to motivate you, it’s okay. But, if you feel showing it to anyone may let you down, or you will be criticized so it’s better keep it in a private place.

What are the most important factors to motivate your vision board?

  The secret of your feeling: once you look at your vision board, it should charge you with positive emotion as if what you desire already have it. So that will activate law of attraction to manifest what you want in your life.
-Belief: “belief creates the actual fact”. The more belief you put in your vision board, the faster result you will get.
   After all these tips, you can redesign or add pictures in your vision board once you need to refresh your emotion again or you change your goals.

- The following inspirational story is about how to apply Law of Attraction to work in your life by a vision book. Vision book carries the same idea as a vision bored just in book form.

Inspirational real-life story of Law of Attraction:
   I’m here to provide you with an incredible story of an ordinary woman who experienced the Law of Attraction. This story will show you how this woman use the magical power of the Law of Attraction to overcome her difficulties and how she got extraordinary results by applying Law of Attraction in her life. As the matter of fact, when you read more of vivid stories about Law of Attraction, it persuades you to believe that you can do it too.
     Glenna Salsbury is a single mother with three daughters. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She had a house and car payment that made her to reconsider her life and her dreams.
She decided to interpret her written list of goals into pictures. So she picked up an old magazine and collected all pictures that are connected to her dreams. She organized them in a very perfect photo inside album. She waited to unexpected time. Her pictures involve a woman with a handsome man wearing  a tuxedo in a wedding gown carrying bouquets of flowers .This marriage took place in an island in the sparking blue Caribbean. She put collage diplomas pictures for her daughters. She stuck a photo of a woman vice- president; she desired to be the first woman as long as no female officers in her company. Besides, a picture of a mortar board hat, which interpreted her dream to get a master's degree.
     After eight weeks, she met a man while she was driving down a California a freeway. She felt attracted to his beautiful red and white car which was next hers. The driver looked at her and smiled. She smiled too. Then he followed her. When Glenna parked, he parked too and finally she married him.
      Her husband gets used to send her rose and a love note, after their first date together. Those are the flowers as she wanted. Before their marriage Jim chose the right place for their honeymoon, which is St John’s Island in the Caribbean. Exactly like in her picture. After that they had moved into a new house, which she had already pictured in her album. Following that, she held a position the first vice- president of human resources in her company, as she pictured in her album. Then she got her master’s degree and went on to teach at Fuller Seminary. Also her daughters gained collage diplomas.
    Now, I realize this is like an imaginary story, but it’s definitely real. This is a very simple way to create your own life. After that what are you waiting for? Create your vision board and let the magic of the vision board works for you!
I read this story from the book "The Power of Focus".


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