Sunday, January 22, 2012

Law of Attraction under your command

ou want to change your life, don’t you? You know you are in the present as a result of the manifestation of your past thoughts. Is that mean to accept your life as it is even though you are not satisfied with it? You have a lot of dreams and desires you would like to achieve. You would like to live in luxury, to have a financial abundance, to create your success and to live in a good health. It is the right time to shut off the past. The future is today. What are you waiting for?  Don't you want to manifest your desires? Are you ready now to change your life for better? I know you are ready. But you are wondering how? What is the solution for change? The solution is within Law of Attraction.

   Law of attraction is one of the ancient laws that has already existed from the beginning of time. It possesses hidden power possibilities. Law of attraction transforms your life and other people’s life. All of us are using Law of attraction everyday whether we are aware of it or not. It works through your mind with the use of thoughts especially with your emotion. It’s based on whatever you focus is what you attract. You may wonder why bad things always happen to me. Well, I will answer your question saying that “Because you are attracted it to yourself and when you keep saying that you are attracting more”. You should realize that you are like a magnet; when you think of the things that you don’t want, it means you are attracting more of them. But when you pay your attention on the things that make you feel good and happy, then you will attract more of that into your life. In fact, Law of attraction doesn’t differentiate between what is good or bad for you. It's just work on whatever you're thinking of.

   Law of attraction can work for you in every area of your life at anytime, in any circumstances to manifest your desire. It can be applied for attracting your dream, attracting wealth, money or abundance, attracting a dream job, a good health, building a better relationship. The universe is listening and responding to you. However most of us remain not aware of it. But, now you feel blessed that you recognize Law of attraction. So, this is your chance to focus on your thoughts and to exploit the power of Law of attraction as well as to start from this moment to think positively and to feel good all the time, because this itself will open the way to attract  positive circumstances, positive people and positive situations into your life. You can ask what you want to manifest, believe it and receive it. Changing your life according to the Law of attraction is guaranteed.
  Law of attraction can be practiced by many techniques. Those techniques are a vision board, positive affirmation, gratitude journal, visualization. In the following article, I'll put Law of Attraction into action of your life by the first technique: a vision board.

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  1. Is that mean to accept your life as it is even though you are not satisfied with it?Is that mean to accept your life as it is even though you are not satisfied with it?physical attraction quotes