Friday, June 29, 2012

The Best 14 Ways to Break out of a Slump and Stay Motivated Part2

In the previous post I have mentioned the first 7 ways to stay motivated and I am here to continue the rest of them.

8-Ask for help

Trying to accomplish your goal on your own it sounds very hard. So get support from your family, your friends. Also, you can join an online forum and discuss with others about your goal. You may find a fully support as they guide you to the right way to achieve your goal easily! You may find one who has achieved what you want to achieve so he will give you a piece of advice or show you some brilliant techniques on how to achieve your goal too.

9- Seize the momentum when it comes.

Motivation is not permanent. It is like a wind goes and comes back. So, once you are fully energized, fully motivated, seize this moment. In fact, such energy will faster the result you gain in a shorter period with less effort. So as soon as you are satisfied with your work is going, seize this momentum and get as much out of it as you can. Because this is it!

10- Break the habit of Giving up

Stick to your goal even if you are not motivated today or this week. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling slumped today or later. It’s okay to take a break for a week or more but the most important thing is not trying ever to give up on your goal! Here is the point.  Don’t worry about such a feeling today, because it is like a temporary stone that hinders your way to achieve your goal, and within a few days it is going to fade way. And sooner or later that motivation will come back again. Remember your goal like a long great trip; driving across the world, so you get tired, stop for a break and then keep going on.  So I don’t think you would give up and come back home!

11- One step enough for you

Achieving your goal is actually like a baby when he starts to walk one step. So if you are a kind of person who finds difficulties to commit to a specific time to do exercise, I recommend you take the first step to accomplish what you want. Simply practice any exercise for just 2 minutes of your time for one week. It’s not much. And stick to it every day. I am guarantee you are going to succeed and will keep going on. Then after that week, take the next step; increase the exercise to 5 minutes and commit to it for a week. In 5 minutes you can change your life, you can have tremendous success and joy! Believe me; automatically you will be increasing the time of exercise 15-20. So with each tiny step, you will make a big difference, and you definitely make a big success that you have never imagined before.  

12- Focus on the bigger picture and ignore the little things

Majority of people set their goals and they are striving to achieve them but when they think of all how hard exercises they need to achieve, they get stuck in the small details. They tell themselves there’s too much to do. They feel overwhelmed. So they put things off for a week , a month, a year or longer.
The only reason you can't get started, lose focus, lose sight is because over the years you’ve trained your mind and subconscious mind to focus on the little things and ignore the big picture. That big picture is how much better your life would be if you eventually achieved your one goal, made that one change, finished that big project you've been putting off for so long. So think of the end result and let go of all small details. Soon you will feel that you are fully energized.

13-Push away negative thoughts and replace them with the positive ones

After this long journey of ways to stay motivated, there is something very important to be aware about it which is the dangerous of your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are one of the enemies that hold you back to achieve your goal. It is the main reason to cause your slump. Any negative thought won’t allow you to accomplish your goal. So those negative thoughts will eventually win and force you to stop and give up. Once you have negative thoughts, you have negative or limiting beliefs in yourself and abilities. With negative thinking out of your head, you believe in yourself and when you believe in yourself you can achieve your goal!
 So just be aware of these thoughts. Just observe or witness them for a few days. Then try to replace them with positive ones, for example, if your inner voice tells you, “no, I can’t do it”, replace it with “Yes I can do it.”, When it tells you, “It’s impossible” replace it with “ It’s possible” When it tells you, “you will never succeed” replace it with, “I will succeed.” So get rid of those negative thoughts today because positive thoughts will shine a new life into your life.

14-Do your best to reap the results

AS you work hard and get results, your motivation will last longer. For example, if you desire to lose your weight, you start to practice exercise, then you find that you lost a few bounds! So what is your reaction next? Of course, this primary result will motivate you to keep on practicing more and more to reach the weight that you’ve always dreamt of!

Finally, these ways are very simple and within your hands, so put them into action. By practicing them regularly, they will definitely help you achieve your goal. And your life will be changed radically as they will keep you motivated all the time!


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