Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best 14 Ways to Break out of a Slump and Stay Motivated


ost people are having goals to achieve but they are complaining of being slumped at times. Many times they feel unmotivated .They struggle to motivate themselves to exercise, so they are wondering how they can stay motivated all the time, and how they can keep themselves inspired in order to achieve their goals that they’ve always dreamt of.  Such a feeling can be as a common dilemma among people. So they are actually trying to find a piece of advice to guide them to the right way. Therefore, I am going to show you the best 14 ways to keep yourself motivated.


1-  Focus on a single  goal

As Dale Carnegie said,”one grain of sand at a time, one task at a time.”  Focus only on one goal to accomplish. In fact, having many goals to accomplish at once is just wasting your energy and motivation, because you can’t keep your focus and energy longer. Listen, it’s possible to accomplish many goals at once but you may eventually get slumped. I am telling you for your interest. Still, once you accomplish the first goal, you can accomplish your other goals. So first of all, choose only one goal and focus on it.

2- Set out your vision


Your vision basically should be big enough to motivate you. Try to make your goal that you are trying to achieve is worthy of your attention and willing to keep you motivated. Ask yourself, “is the reward of my goal enough?” Let’s show you an example, if you are currently making 30,000 a year, and your goal is to make 35,000 a year! So undoubtedly, your goal is not motivated all. Therefore, draw a big vision for your life.

3-Charge your passion

No endless power like passion. Passion is the strongest force ever that keeps you motivated longer and longer. It is the fuel that charges you everyday to move forward to achieve your goal. In somehow it does really work. Passion is a strong emotion, so chase your passion, keep and nurture it. As this emotion fuels you, it will attract all good circumstances, reasons and people to come to you. Hence, you will be able to achieve your goal.

4-Write a plan with a time frame

Don’t underestimate this step as many do, because it really works. Start to form a step by step plan for taking action. Develop a time frame in which you can achieve your dream. Will it take a week, month, year or longer? Get enthusiastic about that date. Make it as a historical date!

5-Post your goal
Write your goal in a few words or print it out and post it wherever you can see it often. You can post it on the mirror, on the wall, on the refrigerator, or you can put on your desk, on your computer or by your mobile as a background. The real aim of this step is to keep you focused on your goal most of the time. So, as long as you see your goal everywhere, you will keep excited about it.


6- Gather useful materials to be effectively absorbed into your mind

Find materials that inspire you. For example, listen to audios regularly. Buy audios for motivational speaker and learn to motivate you to move on to achieve your goal. Listening to audios isn’t enough! Read books about successful men who have achieved amazing accomplishments. Buy their books and read them and learn what are the means and methods that they have used to achieve their goals. As you read their success, it means you are on your way to your success too! Also read books that teach new skills and methods. Read blogs and magazines. Listening to music really works! Listen to a good song that you really feel it fuels your emotion to keep you motivated.

7-Keep thinking about your goal everyday

When you think about your goal daily, you actually bring it into reality. So you get excited about it, and thus you move your energy forward to keep you going on. Just spend 5 minutes visualizing of being your dream has come true. Repeat positive affirmations during the day. Post it everywhere. As you remind yourself by these ways everyday, you are definitely getting closer to achieve your goal. These ways really work.

I hope you get benefits from these ways so far. In the next article, I will continue mentioning the rest of 14 ways to stay motivated.

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