Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 Simple and Easy Steps to Improve Self-talk

Self –talk can be your best friends but sometimes can be your worst enemy. Are you aware of that? You are talking to yourself all day long, but you are completely unconscious. When you minimize your achievements, when you talk to yourself harshly especially when you make a mistake, when you express doubts in your abilities all these negative self-talk won’t create beneficial results. They will damage your self-esteem. Then you will begin to believe you are a "worthless" person. On the other hand, when you encourage yourself with positive words, when you appreciate your achievements , when you reward yourself all these  positive and encouraging  self-talk will absolutely help you to improve your inner strength and self-respect.
If negative thoughts invade you mind every day, say goodbye to them now. With simple and easy steps you can erase and replace them with positive ones. These steps will produce amazing results on the way you view yourself and your personal potentiality. The 3 steps are:   
1-    Build awareness of your self-talk. If you make a commitment, and begin to listen to your inner voice, you will be aware when you talk negatively to yourself. Just pay attention to your thoughts- the nagging thoughts that are coming back to you.Be as a witness to the voice in your head, and DON't judge or get involved, just listen and be fully aware as often as you can. By the time, as you practice listening to your thoughts, you will notice that these thoughts start to lose its power and leave you away.Soon, you will feel that you are completely free from any bad thoughts, and you no longer suffer from the nagging inner voice.

2- Challenge the negative messages. When you notice yourself saying anything negative in your mind such as "You can't do it", "You can't do anything right". Stop your thoughts and challenge these negative beliefs. Ask yourself if your negative messages are true. Are these exactly who you are. Ask your friends if they think you are selfish, lazy or worthless. Then you will realize how others see your real nature not false images that don't' represent you.

3-    Replace negative statements with positive statements. Once you find yourself saying negative things to yourself or thinking of something that limits your beliefs, immediately stop and reconfirm it with positive ones .For example, instead of calling yourself stupid or an idiot when you make a mistake, remind yourself that no one perfect and everyone makes mistakes and these mistakes are experiences that will help me improve myself and move forward. Say to you "I know I'm a unique person and I really believe in myself and that's what actually matter me."


So begin Now building a new habit of speaking encouragingly and expressing positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities. It is because soon you will rape the reward; you will see how your self-esteem e and respecting for yourself are increased. The more you practice these steps; the incredible results will be your own.

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