Thursday, February 23, 2012

Powerful tips to creative visualization

f you really want to create the life you want, if you really want to attain success in your life, you need to realize that the real power within you. The power of your mind is your potential to create your reality. You can't utilize the hidden power of your mind until you learn how to control your mind rather than controlling you. A dream job, luxury car, new house, no matter what your dream is, could be all your own. Just control and develop the power of your mind.

One of the most effective techniques that will unleash the real power of your mind is creative visualization. Creative visualization is a mental technique which uses the power of your imagination to create your dream life. Creative visualization makes a dramatic change of your perspective on things and the way you think. It is very popular among athletes. They use it to improve their performance. Creative visualization is applied for you on any area of your life for example, if you would like to build a new skill, to get rid of bad habits, to improve your financial situation. If you dedicate to practice creative visualization exercise, you will be amazed on the results.

Now, I will introduce the effective mind tips that will train your mind to adapt creative visualization successfully.
-Choose a good place and time
Find a suitable place where you can concentrate effectively, such as your room or any peaceful place that release you from disturbances and distractions.
Also, choose a time that makes you feel comfortable when you are doing the training. The best time for this training would be in the morning or before going to be.
-Wear comfortable clothes
It's very important, before doing the training, to wear clothes that are comfortable, relaxing and loose.
-Find a comfortable posture
It's up to you to lie or sit down in a comfortable position in order to make sure that your spine and back are straight. Relax your mind and body. This will relieve the tension and help improve the blood circulation.
-Close your eyes
Close your eyes to reach the highest level of concentration and focus effectively on the mental image in your mind. Doing this, it will successfully help you to avoid disturbances that exist in your physical world.
-Take slow and deep breaths
Try to breathe deeply and slowly in a rhythmic manner. Focus on your breathing, listen and feel the rhythm of your breathing and stay relaxed.
- Build a mental image of what you would like to manifest
This is the main process of visualization. Build the image of a specific object or goal that you want to manifest. Visualize the thing you want to manifest has already completed. Try to make your image clear and bright. Look at your image clearly and vividly.
For example, you want to have a luxury car. Then visualize yourself driving this car. Now try to be accurate with the details of the car that you exactly want you own. What is the color of the car? What does it look like? Decide exactly what the characteristics that you want for your dream car.  

-charge your image with emotion
Adding emotion to your visualization is a very important step to accelerate the image you visualize so as to come true as soon as possible. Add taste, smell, and sound in addition to feelings to the images you have visualized in your mind.  As the example I mentioned above, in your mind  imagine the color of your new car. Open the door and sit in your car, on the plush leather seats. Smell  the leather of your new car. Turn on the engine and listen to it. Touch the steering wheel. Share your car with your friend and feel how wonderful is to have the car that you ever wanted. Enjoy the feelings of satisfactions and accomplishments because you have manifested your dream of having a luxurious car.
The more intense emotions you fuel your image, the more powerful results you will get.
-Get a picture of what you desired to get in your life
Some people find too difficult to see and visualize their goals in mind. If you are facing this, the best solution for you is to have a picture that represents your goal and then post it in a perfect visible place in order to be able to see it often during the day. A suitable place for this would be on your refrigerator or door, on your desk or on your vision board in your room or office.
This will keep your subconscious and conscious mind more focused on your goals in life.
- Build a creative image
Make sure when you create the images of your goals either mental or physical, to be creative. It is not important how it looks like or what is it.  How your image very specific and clear that what really matter is. This will help you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.
These are the most effective steps that can help you improve your mind power, and achieve your goals through creative visualization.
Remember yourself to specify some time everyday to visualize your goals as they have already done.
In order to practice this training, you need just 10 to 15 minutes.
I would like to remind you again, once you use your mind you can achieve anything you desire in your life. Just do it correctly and your dreams will come into reality.
So from this moment, start to harness the power of your mind with creative visualization. This is the most effective technique that helps you achieve your goals faster and attain success in your life.


  1. Excellent summary of the creative visualization process! I shared it with our common room at

  2. Thank you for your reply.I am very glad that you get benefit from these tips and share it as well.I hope you enjoy reading my posts and keep up-to-date with the latest ones.

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