Thursday, July 26, 2012

6 Simple Ways to Sleep Well

Nowadays, most people are complaining the difficulty in falling asleep at night. Some complain of the drop off to sleep for a few minutes, and then they awaken longer before they go to bed. Others they can’t sleep immediately- they take hours to fall in asleep after retiring.

So I am going to show you some natural methods recommended by experts and can lead you to sleep well and quiet. At first you have to read and understand the required.

1-Stand on one leg

Try to stand on one leg for 30 seconds-such a movement seems strange but useful. When you focus your attention on keeping your balance, your brain also will put all of its function aside and focus on this movement, and the result is that your mind will be more relaxed. So once you lie on your bed, you will sleep so fast.

2- Eat Calcium  
Researchers have found that calcium helps to relax the nervous system. And it helps sleep fast at 50% as well as make you sleep deeply. Dairy products are very rich of calcium. So take a cup of warm milk before you go to bed to get restful night’s sleep.

3-stop breathing


Once you lie on the bed, take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds, and repeat it many times. Many studies have proved that this way reduces the activity of brain waves, and make them reach to the stages that usually occur in the early stages before going to bed.

4- Massage feet

When you just pressure on the soles of your toes for 30 seconds, it help you enter into the stage of sleep quickly.  It’s because the soles of the toes is linked directly with the brain therefore affect sleep. You can massage the sole of your feet with sesame oil as the best one to nourish the nervous system before bedtime to get a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s up to you whether you wash the oil off or wear a pair of socks.
5- Blue color

Studies have shown that blue color can reduce sleep disturbance and increase a state of stable which enables fast sleep. So repaint your room with blue color, use blue light or make your bed blue.

6-The smell of perfume

Studies have been made at Wheeling Jesuit University about the pleasant scent of jasmine and found that the scent of jasmine helps patients to have good and peaceful sleep at night compared to others odors (lavender). Not only this but also it makes those who infuse with a faint jasmine scent feel more actively during the day.  

 These ways are very easy and simple so I hope they help you sleep very well.

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